Hungry for Archaeology? Try Sandwich! (CITiZAN training event)

10/03/2020  |  1 p.m.

Sandwich Bay


Hungry for archaeology? Try Sandwich! is a free two day training course on intertidal and coastal archaeology across England and East Kent. It's an early start on Day 2 but it's the second lowest tide of the year!

Tuesday 10 March: 13.00 - 17.00 at Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory & Wednesday 11 March: 06.00 - 09.30 on Sandwich Bay foreshore, 11.00- 13.00 Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory

Day 1   We’ll look at coastal and intertidal archaeology across the UK and in East Kent; go through the principle techniques that we use to record and monitor sites at risk from rising sea level, coastal erosion and other processes associated with climate change and have a hands on session in using our dedicated recording app and its paper equivalent. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. 

Day 2   We'll head out onto the foreshore, catch the sunrise and use the app to record the numerous wrecks and intriguing lines of timber posts out on the flats. The Nautical Archaeology Society will be carrying out fieldwork at the same time so there'll also be a chance to see what they're up to. We'll have coffee at Princes Lodge (courtesy of CITiZAN) then head back to the Bird Observatory for  an informal debrief and Q&A session.

Places are limited to 12 people and booking is via Eventbrite - if you sign up but find you can't come please do let us know so we can plan fieldwork and resources accordingly and/or or give your place to someone on the waiting list. 

Having completed this two day course you're welcome to join CITiZAN and the Nautical Archaeology Society for fieldwork on Thursday and Friday morning. People who have been to one of our training events previously can join fieldwork Tuesday - Friday (the NAS will also be carrying out fieldwork on the Monday, you're welcome to join them then too). Email for more details. There'll also be a couple of guided walks on Saturday - no need to sign up, just come along - details here.

Accommodation: There is the possibility of staying at the Bird Observatory. This will be in shared same gender rooms with other course attendees and CITiZAN/NAS volunteers at £25 a night including breakfast and supper Preference will be given to those staying more than one night. After booking you place on the course please register your interest in accomodation directly with the NAS by 21st February via  Say that you’re coming for the CITiZAN training. Preference will be given to people staying more than one night, so we recommend contacting the NAS as soon as possible.

There are also plenty of places to stay in the nearby towns of Sandwich, Deal and Walmer.  

Other costs: The training course is free but if you come by car then there is a £7 charge, imposed by the Sandwich Bay Estate, to use the road to the beach. This does not apply if you are visiting the Bird Observatory, or Princes Golf Course but will apply if you park in the public car park beside Princes Lodge.

Full itinerary

Day 1

13.00 Introduction to CITiZAN and coastal and intertidal archaeology

13.30 Archaeology in the East Kent Coast Discovery Programme area

14.00  Being a CITiZAN: what it means to monitor a site, what information to capture and how can that information can be used.

14.30 Tea and coffee break

14.40  Essential foreshore health and safety

15.00 Using the CITiZAN app: hands-on learning session

15.45 Assessing the records – any questions on the method?

16.00 What more can we add? Reading sites and landscapes

16.45 Aims for the next day’s fieldwork and any Q&As:

17.00 Finish

Day 2

06.00 Meet at the public car park for health and safety briefing

06.15 Walk on to the flats and, working in smaller groups start recording features

09.15 (approx., depends on tidal conditions) Walk back to Princes Lodge for coffee courtesy of CITiZAN1 and a debrief/Q & As


If you're staying on for fieldwork after Day 2, and staying at the Bird Observatory, check the NAS website for details of further activities. You are welcome to join us for what will be an informal session on post fieldwork tasks or you are just as welcome to bring a book, have a nap or have a look around the bird observatory.

If you're staying on but not staying at the bird observatory you're also welcome to join us.

Sunrise over stake lines at Sandwich Bay
Sunrise over stake lines at Sandwich Bay