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CITiZAN archaeologists are holding events all around England. Come see when we'll next be in your area and join us!

Guided dog walk, Knoll Beach to Old Harry Rocks

25/03/2017  |  1 p.m.  |  Location: South West

Studland, Isle of Purbeck

CITiZAN is planning its first guided dog walk of 2017! Trying to engage those of us who are out whether it be wind, rain or shine walking our pooches. Come along, meet some local people, find out more about the History of Studland Bay and CITIZAN! Booking is essential - click on this link to find out more.

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Illustrated Talk: Intertidal Archaeology on the Lincolnshire Coast

10/04/2017  |  2 p.m.  |  Location: Midlands


Join Team North for a talk on the the archaeology in the intertidal zone in Lincolnshire and learn how the app works.

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Workshop: Sutton-on-Sea

11/04/2017  |  noon  |  Location: Midlands


Join Team North for a leasuirely walk along the beach at Sutton-on-Sea to practice using the smartphone app.

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Training: Minesweeper Gosport

02/05/2017  |  8 a.m.  |  Location: South West

Gosport, Hampshire

The South West team are continuing their recording of the remains of a minesweeper in Gosport in collaboration with the NAS. They will visit the site over four days from the 2nd - 5th May at low tide.

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Guided walk: Porlock Weir

07/05/2017  |  9:30 a.m.  |  Location: South West

Porlock Weir, Somerset

Come and join us and explore the the rich and varied history of Porlock Weir. We will walk our way through time from the Mesolithic submerged forest exposed on the beach at low tide to the 19th Century boat house nestled in the cliffs.

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