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CITiZAN archaeologists are holding events all around England. Come see when we'll next be in your area and join us!

Workshop: 3D modelling

23/08/2017  |  11 a.m.  |  Location: North East


Come join CITiZAN on the Foreshore at Bridlington to learn how to make 3D models and help to digitally preserve some of the more interesting features located there including WW1 pillboxes and graffiti-ed anti-tank blocks.

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Training: Exploring the foreshore of the river Stour

25/08/2017  |  6 p.m.  |  Location: East

Manningtree, Suffolk

Since 2016 the CITiZAN team and local volunteers have been exploring and recording the agricultural quays of the Stour.This year we will be continuing our investigations as we move westwards along the river to explore a variety of structures near to the village of Manningtree. If you'd like to join us to record these fragile structures before they are eroded away for good, sign up now!

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OUTREACH: Guided Walk - Chichester Harbour

13/09/2017  |  10 a.m.  |  Location: South West

Chichester Harbour

CITiZAN SW will be in Chichester harbour using our heritage trail to give you a guided tours of all of the unexpected things you can see along the coast - if you know where to look!

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Training: Humberston

18/09/2017  |  3 p.m.  |  Location: Midlands


Come join us on the foreshore south of Cleethorpes to explore and exciting landscape with unrecorded peat beds, amazing animal footprints and shipwrecks.

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Archaeological training: Tolls Porth, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly

25/09/2017  |  11 a.m.  |  Location: South West

Tolls Porth, St Marys, Isles of Scilly

Come and join the full CITiZAN contingent and get involved in helping to record the multi period site at Tolls Porth on the north of St Marys.

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