The Unseen Heard - a soundwalk for POW! Thanet

06/04/2021   |   Lara Band

This audio trail of immersive soundscapes gives glimpses into the working lives of 19th and early 20th century women in the coastal town of Ramsgate, Kent, based mainly on census data plus a little literary licence. Created especially for POW!, Thanet's Power of Women festival, find out more about people such as Elizabeth Shannon, newly widowed in 1891 with nine children to look after, running a Dining Rooms with her sister. Or Harriet Tomson, who for around 20 was Brewer and Malster for Tomson's brewery, the oldest brewery in England until its aquisition and closure by Whitbread and Co Ltd in 1968.

You can hear the soundscapes by scrolling around the map below and clicking on the pins on the map below but for the full version, with text and images, download the Soundtrails app from Play Store or App Store to your mobile device. After downloading Soundtrails, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left, select Sandpit and enter the code 16FQ.

It's also best with headphones on - though of course, make sure you look out for traffic if you're following the trail in real life....

Thanks to Grace Conium, Ellie Williams, Tijana Cvetkovic, Nicky Shreeve, Marian, Louise Davison, Bridget Edgar, Ruth Clasper, Harriet Grey, Deryn Watts and Lawrence Northall for bringing the voices alive.


The Unseen Heard on Soundtrails app
The Unseen Heard on Soundtrails app